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Microsoft Server Solutions

Network stability through Server presence

Many business networks start out simply. Just a small number of computers connected together through a switch or router. But as your business grows and the needs and size of the network expands, it can very quickly get out of hand. Before you know it you have issues with file sharing, network stability and printers failing to print. Chaos reigns and downtime is plentiful and you just end up spending more time fixing issues rather than running your business.

Sound familiar?

With the introduction of a Microsoft Server, all these issues can be a thing of the past. Networks with a centralised server provides the stability and control you need meaning all those fiddly issues disappear.

Benefits of a Microsoft Windows Server

  • Centralised file sharing
  • Granular file and folder security
  • Centralised backup of all data
  • Workstation windows update management
  • Network stability
  • Network printer serving
  • Complete control of your network

Imagine adding a new workstation to your network and finding that when you log on, all the necessary printers and mapped network drives are already there, ready to go.

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