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Hardware Sales and Upgrades

Business grade hardware

Is there a difference between business computers and home computers? There certainly is!

If you would like to have your staff working on a workstation that performs as it should, day in, day out, then the Edsys workstations we supply will do just that.

If you want to “save money” by going to your local appliance retailer and buy a computer for $600, then you will get what you pay for. And as you know, when it doesn’t work well or for long, the cost of getting it checked and fixed brings the price up to what you would pay for a proper workstation. And that doesn’t take into account the lost productivity and the effect on staff morale.

When it comes to having a solid, stable computer network, business grade hardware makes it happen. Don’t spend your days trying to diagnose computer issues when you should be doing your normal work. Contact us and let us assess your computer hardware and turn computer issues into past issues.


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