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Managed Anti-Virus Solutions

Anti-Virus software made easy

Are you continually renewing Anti-Virus software? Or finding that the staff don’t seem to take notice of Anti-Virus warnings until it is too late. Or renewing your Anti-Virus software for 10 computers only to find that 3 months later you require another two licenses.

Managed Anti-Virus is the answer. We install the commercial-grade managed anti-virus on all your workstations and servers and then we monitor the Anti-Virus software remotely. We will know if a computer hasn’t downloaded their daily updates, or if an infection has been found that is causing issues. And in addition to that, you get charged monthly. That means you can remove or add workstations and you will only be charged for the number you are using. And it never expires. It just keeps on protecting day in, day out.

At $3 per machine per month, it is also very economical. And the best part is – no contracts. Just month by month billing.

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