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Offsite Backup

The importance of having a secure and complete backup

We have all had it drummed into us that backups are of critical importance. And while an onsite backup of your server and important data is imperative, there are certain issues and security holes with doing backups in-house.

It generally relies on a staff member swapping backup drives and taking at least one of those off site every day. But what happens if they forget? Or are sick that day?

Two major holes with an onsite backup strategy is fire and theft. Should you have a major fire or your office is burgled, you could lose your server and backups. When that happens, you’ll be praying the staff member  responsible for backup management has been doing their job.

Why rely on people to secure your backups when human error can destroy all your planning?

With our offsite backup solution you and your staff don’t have to do anything. The server backs up to an internal hard drive in the server, then replicates out to an external hard drive connected to the server. It also replicates to our offsite servers here in Perth, and those servers are in turn  backed up to another backup device. This equates to your data residing in 5 locations; your server drives, the internal backup drive, your external backup drive, our offsite backup server and our second layer fail-over device.

All backup servers Modern Computers use belong to Modern Computers. As such you can rest assured your data isn’t stored on some anonymous server in the “cloud” far way. Your data is right here in Perth. So in an emergency that means you’ll get your data back sooner with minimal down time.

Call now for a quote! Why not call us today? Data is valuable. Secure yours and get the peace of mind that only comes with an offsite backup.

A typical Windows Server would cost between $45 to $65 per month for a complete offsite backup solution.

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